The following podcasts are made by foodies and designed for food lovers. Find some expert advice from the kitchen by listening to these podcasts streaming from all around Canada.


AnthroDish is a weekly show that streams from Toronto and Ontario. It talks about the various cultural foods and identities in Canada. The host Sarah Duignan has interviews with top academics in hospitality, farming, and agriculture.

She learns about her guest’s food knowledge and experiences. This channel follows the food industry in Canada and examines its effects on culture.

Sittin’ in the Kitchen

This podcast streams from Toronto and Ontario. This is the hub for the best conversations in the kitchen. Take part in the conversation to laugh over coffee, tea, lunch, or dinner. Listen to Marion Kane as she interviews fellow food lovers, chefs, and just ordinary people who want to share their recipes, ideas, and, most of all, cooking tips. Discover a new passion for food and cooking.

The Healthy Menu

This popular podcast is based in Ontario, Canada. The Healthy Menu examines the food industry and the latest trends in consumerism and the foodservice industry. Find out about the best forms of nutrition here.

The host interviews health professionals and guests who work in the foodservice and technology industry. Learn how to calculate the nutritional value of recipes and dishes in your own home.

In The Weeds with Chef Jordan Wagman

This podcast is based in Ontario, Canada. It examines and takes a closer look at the food industry in Canada. The host invites leading chefs, wellness experts, and other qualified people who have made their mark in the food industry.

Wagman explores and reviews the latest recipe books on the market to keep readers informed of the latest trends in health and nutrition. They research various aspects of the food industry and its relation to health, wellness, and hospitality. Anyone from anywhere in the world can join this channel weekly.

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