How to Find the Best Local Food Restaurants in Quebec

Local Food

Many restaurants and dining establishments in Ontario might offer customers traditional food. However, not all these eateries serve real conventional food. Here are a few tips to make sure you get a taste of the real thing.

Ask Old Locals

For some good advice about the local cuisine, it is always best to talk to someone who has lived their entire life in a particular community. They will be well versed in what is new and where to go for tasting some authentic traditional meals.

This is also an excellent icebreaker for meeting new people. Local people are often more than willing to provide directions to their favourite diner or eatery. They can also tell travellers which places to avoid.

Food Origin

If the local people are not of much help, it is possible to determine how and where the food was procured. Food grown locally will often be labelled as such or have different packaging.

Licensed restaurants may often provide details about where they source their ingredients from. If they source their ingredients from a local farm, it is a good sign that their meals will be traditionally prepared.

Supermarkets in the city will also have printed labels that will give travellers an indication of where the product was sourced from. Purchasing local food will also contribute to the local economy. Remember to check food labels to support the local community.

Rural Communities

The big cities and communities often have chain restaurants and eateries that serve food being sourced from a variety of places across the world. Yet, many smaller communities and towns are still dependent on the local farms and food producers for sourcing their food.

Going to rural communities and supporting the eateries will be the best shot of finding local food. Following these podcasts to learn about local and traditional food in Canada.