Here is a breakdown of some of the best recipe books and resources for foodies who need advice from Canadian experts in the food industry.

Canadian Cookbook: Quebec Cuisine by James Newton

This book celebrates Quebec cuisine specifically and gives readers some insight into the various food festivals in the area. Different Canadian chefs have contributed to this edition. The city of Quebec is located along Canada’s Saint Lawrence River. Most of the town is flat and low-lying, with the Laurentian mountains in the background.

Art’s Old Canadian Recipes: Recipes from Early Settlers by Arthur R. Thornton

This book was published back in 2009 and has gained popularity over the years. It features recipes from trappers, hunters, early settlers, bushmen, prospectors, and fishers. Thornton presents readers with a great variety of Canadian meals that are suitable for the whole family.

Ground Beef Recipes by Jean Paré

First published back in 2006, Jean Pare’s cookbooks are available at retail locations throughout Canada. Meat lovers will enjoy these quick and easy meals with ingredients that are easy to find at the nearest food market or store. Follow these recipes and learn how to adapt them to suit your individual needs.

Mom’s Unwritten Recipes: Main Courses by Joselyn Schmitt

This Canadian recipe book was recently published in 2021, with healthy recipes that use less flour or more liquids. Most ingredients will be readily available in Canadian stores. Get the best Canadian recipes from Joselyn Schmitt.

Use these books and follow the expert advice from chefs around Canada to treat yourself and others to real Canadian food. Learn more about food markets in Ontario and Quebec by following this channel.