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The Real Food Movement is a hub for information about food markets and locally grown produce in the Canadian regions of Ontario and Quebec.

This platform explores the latest catering trends for parties and events in Ontario. It discusses how the social landscape gravitates more towards accessing food services and entertainment via mobile devices.

People can travel the countryside with access to food delivery services and online casino games in their pockets. Read how the latest trends have changed how people communicate, celebrate, and entertain themselves.

The regions of Ontario and Quebec boast some of the best local produce in Canada. Follow various books and lifestyle podcasts that explore the growing trends in the food industry here. Learn from the leading chefs in the industry and find a few tasty recipes to taste real Canadian food.

It is not always easy to find proper traditional food when visiting a new country. Big cities often have chain restaurants that sell the same old fried chicken everyone is used to. Get some tips here for tasting proper Canadian cuisine while visiting the regions of Ontario and Quebec.

The food markets in Quebec are buzzing with fresh produce and flavour. Make a point to visit any of these markets when passing through this part of Canada. This site has highlighted the top 3 markets to see.

Quebec’s history goes as far back as the early 17th century, and the primarily French-speaking citizens pride themselves in the heritage and reputation of the city. Explore one of these gourmet markets to avoid disappointment.

Everyone knows that purchasing food locally is the best. There is a range of benefits that people are often not aware of. This will help the local economy and food producers grow, and local farmers are increasingly adopting more environmentally friendly practices to ensure their products are of the highest quality.

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